Off to CAA in LA!

I'll be presenting, chairing, and meeting at the College Art Association annual conference.  Looking forward to seeing friends and colleagues!

Talk: “Matters of Resemblance and Remembrance, between Istanbul and Venice": Lecture on the panel “Travel, Diplomacy, and Networks of Global Exchange in the Early Modern Period," chaired by Justina Spencer. Wed., Feb. 21, Los Angeles Convention Center.  Part 1: 10:30-12:00, Conf room 404A; Part 2: 4:00-5:30, room 503. (I'm the first speaker in Part 2).

Co-Chairing along with Risham Majeed and Celka Straughn (CAA Museum Committee): "Decolonizing Art Museums?", Sat., Feb. 24, Los Angeles Convention Center.  Part 1: 8:30-10:00, Conf room 409B; Part 2: 10:30-12:00, room 501C

Elizabeth Rodini